Rosmel Pools

          There is a growing concern in the contractor industry for fraudulent contractors and thieves. Before hiring any contractor it is strongly recommended to look them up online in sites like Angie’s List and any links that may arise from a search in Google. For example, if you were to click this link: Miami pool contractor review it will open a page directly to Angie’s list, and a review of the pool construction company in Miami, Rosmel Pools.

         It is important to check the history and past projects that the company you are hiring. Some may have experience in the field for which you require assistance and some may not. Certain contractors specialize in residential or commercial, due to this their insurance may vary. Experience, specializations, and insurance are only a small part of the research you should conduct before hiring a pool contractor, however, it’s a start. 



Pool Contractor

It is very important to research any pool contractor with which you plan on completing a project with. Below you will find several points you should cover with the pool company of your choice. 

  • What is their area? Are they primarily a commercial pool construction company, or have they worked mostly on residential pools?
  • What is their specialty? For example, Rosmel Pools specializes in small access pool construction
  • Are they licensed? Without the proper licenses the city may not grant you the the permits required to complete your pool.
  • Are they insured? Doing business with a business that is not insured is risky business and also illegal. If something were to occur during any part of the construction phase to your home and the company did not have insurance you would probably have to pay the repairs on your own.